Why to dive in Kenya?


To play with dolphins!

Big population of dolphins are living around Wasini Island, and because the dolphins are territorial animals, you can meet them whole year-round. To protect these amazing creatures, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve was founded in 1973.



To see pelagic & big stuff!

Between October and February, there is a high chance to see whale shark, manta ray or even humpback whale!

You can see whole year round reef sharks, turtles and giant morays… and many more! 


To see big school of fish!

Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you cannot see the reef from the vivid fish schools? We can guarantee this experience for you!




To discover the rich macro life!

If you are fond of taking underwater photographs, you will enjoy very much the macro life. You can find easily lobsters, cleaner shrimps, crabs, mantis, tiny morays, nudi branch, flat worms, leaf scorpion fish… surely you will see something here, you have never seen before!



To enjoy undisturbed the peace of the underwater world!

If you are fed up with mass tourism, if you are annoyed if the previous five groups already freaked all the fish away by the time you arrive to the reef, if you feel disturbed by the numerous boats around, in Kenya you can relax and enjoy your dives undisturbed! Kenya is not over-dived, the dive sites are not attacked by hordes of divers and snorkelers.


Our aim is to provide our customers with tailor made adventures, real relaxation to be able to enjoy undisturbed the breath-taking nature around the equator!

We hope to see you soon in Kenya