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 three dolphinsKisite Marine Park as dive centre

Kisite National Park (which was founded in 1973) and the Mpunguti protected area (since 1978) can be found within a stripe of 3-8 kilometres from the Southern coast of Kenya, 6 kilometres North from the Tanzanian border.
The National Park also includes three islands: Kisite, Mpunguti ya yuu and Mpunguti ya Chini. The National Park aims at the protection of the unique marine and land living resources, since this area gives home to so many endemic species (living only in this area), mangrove forests, and on the islands migratory birds nest.
There is a 20 € entrance fee to enter the National Park even when diving and snorkelling; and our daily fees are inclusive of the entrance fee.
The deepest point of the slightly sloped base surrounding the Kisite Island variegated by beautiful coral reefs is 18 metres. More than 360 species live in the reefs. It is a great place to dive both for beginners and advanced divers. It is especially ideal for those, who want to try scuba diving for the first time.
There are plenty of interesting things to see around the reef. It is quite likely to see marine turtles, Napoleon fish and different tuna species in shoals so big that they cover up the reefs.
Besides blue spotted rays, lion fish, morays, and trigger-fish, the admirers of the macro worlds also have plenty things to see. Amongst others ghost pipefish, crabs, lobsters, leaf fish and many snails glittering in all kinds of colours pose for committed underwater photographers.
There is a populous dolphin population in the channel between the mainland and Wasini Island, and with a little luck, we can see them during diving, but it is almost certain to spot a dolphin from the boat. You can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island.

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