Dive courses


Intro Dive
Scuba Diver – First part of the beginner course
Open Water Course (OWD) – for beginners
Advanced Course – AOWD


We offer several courses to our guests interested in diving. The road to the advanced qualification (AOWD) is straight: snorkelling – Open Water Course (OWD) – Advanced Course (AOWD).

From this onwards, you have a wide selection to choose from; you may want to get to know the marine life, get absorbed in underwater photography and filming, view underwater wrecks or caves, or even learn how to rescue from water, taking part in the Rescue Course, which we certainly recommend to everyone.

You may also arrive at the point, when you wish to become a professional diver. We can take you to the Dive Master degree, but the Instructor courses are held only by Course Directors, and knowing Course Directors located both in Europe and East Africa, we will help you with pleasure to find the right one for you.

And now, let us introduce our main courses to you in detail. Besides the main courses, we also offer Specialty courses introducing all local specialities, a few of which we would also like to mention.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hold the courses at our centre in the PADI system, which you can get to know in detail by clicking on the link.


We believe what really matters is the instructor, him/herself. A good instructor holds nice and enjoyable courses, a good instructor is supportive and helpful, in cases determined and strict, and if necessary encouraging and understanding. A good instructor tells you about the sea and teaches beginners to respect and love the sea, and use the techniques necessary to preserve the fabulous marine life.

If you don’t feel this way towards your instructor, don’t be shy, and look for another one!

We know many dive instructors all over the world, and we can recommend to you great professional divers, wherever you go. Contact us, and we will help you with good advice, hints, and information about dive centres and even pubs. :)

You can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island.

Let’s go diving!

Andras Balog
PADI Course Director
# 633823

Dive courses and guided dive detailed prices here.

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