Open Water Diver / OWD


During this course in our diving centre, we will teach you the basics of open water diving. At the end of the course, you will get an international open water diver certification (SSI or PADI), which is accepted worldwide. The structure of the course is as follows. There are three sections: theory, practice in confined water and finally open water diving.
It is natural to have a little fear. In fact, it often happens that before the courses, beginners slink to me and shakily admit that they are actually scared. What I respond to this is the following: “Thank god you’re scared, if you weren’t, I’d be scared.” J Natural fear is necessary; there is no problem with that.
The structure of the course is of course built up for ordinary people (thus you do not have to be a G.I. Joe to complete them), and even 10-year olds can take this course.
Subsequent to the completion of the appropriate medical statements and reliability releases, the instructor explains the structure of the course and presents the equipment. The instructor often requests the students to read a chapter or two from the manual prior to the course. Then comes a little bit of swimming – it’s nothing special, there is no time limit, but we have to make sure that to-be divers can swim. (No need to explain why, right?) Then splash into the water, this time with the equipment – to a depth of 20 cm – on your knees. This is confined water. If you stand up, you are out of the water.
We start each and every task at this shallow depth, and we only go to the next level, if you can do everything correctly at this depth. So no worries!
The course is performed in small groups and the pace is dependent only on the progress of the dive students. Normally, it takes three to five days to complete the course. There is a bit of theory, practice and diving each day, and finally you will have to take a test on the theory. Dive equipment rental is possible. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island and get your dive certification.
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Open Water Diver / OWD
With this certification, you can dive to a depth of 18 metres with a dive buddy, but the so-called driving example can appropriately be applied in this case too – someone with a fresh driving licence is not yet a Formula 1 driver -, thus it is worth following the last words of the instructor and common sense, and practice before difficult dives.

How to go on? – Advanced Open Water Course
There are many famous dive sites classified into the difficult category, where Dive Masters require the advanced qualification. They have their reason to do so. It is worth listening to what they say, because they have plenty of experience. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course includes five dives, and can be taken in two days. I recommend it to everyone.

Medical examination:
Prior to leaving for a diving trip it is worth checking out this medical questionnaire, and if you responded yes to any of the questions, you will need to have a medical examination conducted by a diving specialist doctor.

Condition: ability to swim, Medical Statement, Liability Release, at least 14 years of age

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