Intro Dive


Will I like it? Will I enjoy it? Will I be scared?
That is what an intro dive is for. You do not have to start the course, if you are not sure about it. During the intro dive, the instructor, or dive master holds you by your dive equipment, and he handles your equipment and your wetsuit.
Before the trial dive, the dive instructor will tell you the most important things to know, how to equalize your ears, swim with the fins, not to crawl with the hands… and the fun begins! The trial dive is performed in a shallow dive place, where there are plenty things to see, and all you have to do is breath and take delight in the living resources of the coral reef and enjoy the wonderful experience of weightlessness. If you like it, you can apply to the next beginner course. You can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island.

Condition: ability to swim, Medical Statement, Liability Release

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