Scuba diver

boatScuba Diver is the ideal course for those, who do not have enough time for the complete Open Water Diver Course. The program is inclusive of half of the Open Water Diver Course, and you became a certified diver already! Thus you can complete the second part, whenever it is suitable for you, and you can get the OWD qualification.
The complete Scuba Diver Program can be taken into account in the Open Water Diver Course, so you do not have to complete the same course twice. Subsequent to a short practical training, you can complete the full Open Water Diver Course.

Scuba Diver qualificationscuba diver
A qualified scuba diver is authorised to dive until a maximum depth of 12 metres under the direct supervision of a professional diver. This way you can already have many new experiences! You can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island. Our dive center is well qualified.

How to go on?
At the end of the program you receive the scuba diver qualification. This qualification authorises you to take part in guided dives. When you feel that you are ready to take the next step, contact an instructor and take part in an OPEN WATER DIVER course.

Medical examination:
Prior to leaving for a diving trip it is worth checking out this medical questionnaire, and if you responded yes to any of the questions, you will need to have a medical examination conducted by a diving specialist doctor.

Condition: ability to swim, Medical Statement, Liability Release, at least 14 years of age

Junior Scuba Diver: at least 10 years of age, written approval of a parent or guardian. Maximum depth: 12 m