Snorkelling – with snorkel, mask and fin

snoriThat’s how it begins… snorkel, mask and fin. Then splash into the water. Some were grown up like this, some are natural talents, and there are also some who need some help. It seems quite simple, however, there are a few tricks and pieces of advice in order to achieve a more enjoyable snorkelling.
When snorkelling, we teach you how to use and place on the equipment correctly, which will make this great activity significantly more enjoyable.  You can do that without certification, or wetsuit and our dive team can support you.
Frequent complaints are that people breath in seawater through the snorkel, and that water continuously seeps into the mask. There are appropriate techniques to avoid or deal with these problems.
And last but not least, we will show you a great deal of marine wonders, and the colourful cavalcade will be more understandable and interesting.
To those applying for a dive course, we recommend snorkelling prior to the beginning of the course. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island.

Condition: ability to swim

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