Wasini island coral garden tour

Wasini island coral garden tourThe community living on Wasini Island is traditional Swahili Muslim, and they speak Kivumba.
In 1993-1994, a group of women decided to start a business to improve their standard of living, and started making baskets, hats and other objects for sale, and then with the help of several organisations, the CORAL GARDEN BOARD WALK was made, which basically is a wooden plank winding amongst the ancient fossil coral rocks in the broad flood range covered by mangrove swamps. This unique ecosystem gives home and nesting place to many migrating birds.

Walking on the wooden plank, we can enter deep into the swamp. It is worth imaging how this area looked like in the old days, when it was still covered by the sea. We can clearly see the level of the former sea on the fossil coral rocks well above our heads.

The entrance fee of the coral garden is given to the community, which they spend on the education of the children, maintenance of the wooden plank and the further studies of the girls.

Once you are at Wasini, this program is available for you individually.
If you are our guest, guided tour is included in our all-inclusive service. You can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Travel to Kenya and spend your holiday on Wasini island.