Tsavo East


Tsavo East is one of the most oldest and biggest National Park in Kenya. The area is approximately 12,000 square kilometers. Gates opened in 1948 for those interested. Road 109 and the only one railway separate the park for two sides, East and West Tsavo.

By local legends - also in the movie called Predator, staring with Michael Douglas - in 1898 East Tsavo railway constructions, there were two lions, which killed 130 workers. Finally they catch those lions, and today, they are in Chicago, stuffed. The National Park is famous from the reddish elephants. You can see them only this National Park.

The East Tsavo National Park is mainly savanna. Huge amount and variety of wildlife can be found here, including the "Big Five" which is the masai lion, black rhino, buffalo, elephant and gepard. Also you will find dik-dik, mongoose, gazella, antelope, warthog, zebra, giraffe, jackal and a lot of monkeys. Also in the park you can find birds, like black kite, crowned crane, budgerigar and sacred ibis.

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