Shimba Hills


One day Safari, Shimba Hills

(Start from Diani Beach, from 2 person)

Safari starts at 6a.m. Shimba Hills is 35km far from Diani Beach, this is the closest safari park on the south-coast. The Shimba Hills National Park size is small compared to the other parks in Kenya, but the Elephant population is biggest. There is a legend hee about the elephants, they already transported some to the Tsavo, but they came back in few months.

Shimba Hills give home for the sable antelope, which is native in Kenya. Also we can see buffalos, giraffe, impalas, black and white monkey, rarely leopard and a lot of birds.

The vegetation is Tropical rainforest with savannas, one of the biggest spectacle is the Sheldrick waterfall. You can reach the waterfall by around 1km walk. The quantity of water is depend on the season and the weather. On this safari, you can leave the car behind, where the driver allow you and followed by the driver. 

Lunch in the Shimba Lodge. The curiosity of the Lodge is, that is build on a giant tree, so you can get your meal with an amazing view. After have a game ride untill 3p.m. and will be back in Diani Beach at 4p.m.

The price of this safari, from Diani Beach: 80 eur / pers